Wedding at the Seacoast Science Center – Kaitlin and Jason


Five reschedules. FIVE. I imagine it’s insanely stressful to have to reschedule your wedding ONCE, let alone five times. But that’s exactly what Kaitlin and Jason did.

When they first reached out to me, they told me their destination wedding was originally supposed to take place in a location very special to their relationship – Barbados. But when Covid rolled through, they had to change their plans. And then change them again, and again…

They finally decided to marry close to their home in Rye, NH. They chose the Seacoast Science Center. Even though it wasn’t Barbados, it still had beautiful ocean views and that was important to them.

The day was magic. As a wedding photographer, I attend a lot of weddings and I’m surrounded by a lot of wonderful love stories. But Kaitlin and Jason’s wedding will be one I remember forever. They chose to put their love and their marriage first, amidst everything that was going against them. They quite literally planned a wedding in a few short months – and the result was incredible. Thanks to the Ciaramitaros for the reminder of what it’s really about, and why I do what I do!

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